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How High Temperatures Can Affect Your Electronics

July 28, 2020

No one likes feeling overheated, and that goes for electronics too. The summer heat is one of the main culprits to electronic devices overheating, but there are other things you can do that will cause your devices to get too hot. When any electronics are exposed to high heat, they can be severely damaged and become unreliable. Here’s what you need to know to protect your electronic devices:  

How do High Temperatures Hurt Electronics?

When it comes to heat and electronics, the hotter the temperature, the less functional the electronic device will be. As well, when electronics run for long periods in high temperatures, the longevity and reliability of that device will decrease.


Cell phones and laptops have all dramatically decreased in size in recent years, making them more vulnerable to damage from overheating. The smaller size of electronics means their systems run with a higher heat density causing them to heat up much faster than ever before. While many companies try to include cooling systems in their products, they aren’t a match for the summer heat outside or the indoors when there is no air conditioning.

How Can I Prevent my Electronics From Overheating?

Here’s what you can do to make sure your electronic devices don’t overheat and get permanently damaged:

  • If there’s no air conditioning, don’t use your phone too much – If the power goes out in your home from a heatwave, playing on your phone might be your first choice of activity, but make sure to give your electronics a break and use them for short periods as they are hot too!
  • Don’t leave your electronics in a hot car – Temperatures inside vehicles can rise to around 20 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than the outside temperature.
  • Avoid leaving your devices indirect sunlight – They’ll start to heat up very quickly!
  • Don’t store your device in a cramped area – Good airflow can help prevent overheating.
  • Keep your device and the area it’s stored clean – Dust, hair, and debris can easily clog the device’s vents and cause overheating.
  • If your device feels hot, give it a breakWhen an electronic device starts getting warmer than normal, stop using it and let it cool down with the system shut down.


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