COM Express® Basic

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COM Express® Basic

COM Express® is a widely used, multi-vendor computer-on-module standard. It has a fixed PIN-out in three different sizes. The smallest standard is COM Express® Mini. The module measures 84x55mm and is available with x86 processors, such as the Intel® AtomTM or Core™ i processor. On the next larger COM Express® Compact standard, both mid range processors and entry level processors are used on a size of 95x95. For more computationally intensive applications, high-end mobile processors are available on the COM Express® Basic module (125x95mm).


Special SOM
Intel® Core™ i
i7-11850HE, i5-11500HE, i3-11100HE, 6600HE, W-11865MRE, W-11555MRE, W-11155MRE, W-11865MLE, W-11555MLE, W-11155MLE
RM590E, QM580E, HM570E
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