Backlight Enhancement

High Brightness TFT displays feature powerful LED backlights

In areas with a high ambient brightness, such as production halls, shop windows or outdoors in direct sunlight, content on TFT displays with normal brightness is often difficult to read. The display looks dark and faded. High Brightness TFT displays, on the other hand, keep a high-contrast and a perfectly readable content even under these ambient conditions, thanks to the bright backlight and a special polarizer.

When then LCD manufacturers do not offer the perfect solution for your needs, Apollo’s engineers can design the backlight to your specifications. With over 25 years’ experience, we have designed backlights for the most demanding environments. Our engineered solutions include:

  • Higher brightness beyond the manufacturer’s offering
  • Long lifetime, typically 100K hours
  • Dual mode, including Night Vision (NVIS) solutions
  • Configurable dimming range below 1 nit using our
  • SmartLED drivers
  • High contrast and rugged using our VacuBond optical bonding

The disadvantage of a very bright backlight is its relatively high power consumption. With our brightness sensor IF412 and our TFT controller boards, you can always adjust the brightness of your TFT display exactly to the ambient brightness: Especially outdoors the brightness fluctuates strongly due to the weather. If it is cloudy or foggy, the display does not have to be as bright as in sunshine to show perfectly readable content. With the data of the brightness sensor, our TFT controllers dim the display brightness to match the ambient brightness. Thus, the display is also dimmed in 24/7 operation at night, to prevent blinding. This ensures a perfectly readable display at all times, saves electricity and extends the backlight lifetime.

An alternative are transflective TFT displays, which do provide a good sunlight readability, too.

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