Fireload optimized Display

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Fireload optimized Display

Only Fortec US Offers: Non-Combustible Monitors of the Highest Fire Protection Class


Apollo Display Techonologies fire protection monitors - as safe as brick, steel and concrete!

It is important to use monitors that do not pose a fire hazard. In case of fire, they should cause as little smoke and fire load as possible.

This is exactly what we offer!

The new BLO-Line monitors are certified according to fire protection class A1, which also applies to bricks, steel and concrete. These fire protection monitors -optional with touch- offer the highest level of safety in the event of a fire. They are available in sizes from 24" to 65" in parallel to the previous B-s1, d0 certified monitors. Apollo uses durable displays that are designed for 24/7 operation.

Special fire protection features of our BLO-Line:

Suitable for escape routes
Special fire protection glass (with or without touch screen)
Materials do not develop smoke gases and do not contribute to the fire load
With fire protection class certificate

The fire behavior, i.e. the flammability and combustibility of the monitors, was determined following the SBI method according to DIN 13823:2015-02. Heat and smoke development are evaluated, as well as burning dripping. The fire test was carried out in accordance with the European standard as per DIN EN13501-1.

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