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Fortec Us’ parent company is the The Fortec Group, based in Germering, Germany. The DD Group is comprised of six subsidiaries in five countries – ensuring the highest quality of support and professional service.

Our business portfolio comprises:

  • Development and manufacture of LCD Displays of various types, amongst which: Public Display Screens; Integrated Monitors; Desktop Monitors; Video Walls; Digital Door Signage and 3D Monitors.
  • Development and manufacture of industrial Display Controllers for standard video signals such as RGB, DVI HDMI or Display Port, and with ARM-based Technologies.
  • Delivery of TFT displays fully equipped with touch components, cables, power supplies and ready-to-use LCD Kits.
  • Design, manufacture and delivery of customized LCD Display solutions. This service includes everything from mechanical design, hardware and software development and Touch integration, to manufacture and staging in our own facilities.

ISO 9001:2015

Registered Company
Certificate No. US3606

The Fortec Group has been a Solutions Provider to many famous organizations, worldwide, for over 20 years. Our name stands for:

Environmental Awareness

Environmental protection is core to our business. We develop energy-saving products; seek designs that take the environment into consideration, (for example: we refuse to use tantalum capacitors) and implement resource-saving processes. This was at the forefront of our HQ renovations: thanks to modern building management and future-proof heating technology we have no need for fossil fuel!

Quality and Service

We develop all of our products in accordance with industrial Quality standards. We attach the greatest importance to high-value components, resilient under the most demanding conditions of use, and with long-term availability. In the event it should be necessary, our ISO 9000-certified Service Centre guarantees a quick and reliable turn-around for returned goods.

Experience and State-of-the-Art Systems Technology

The Engineers in our Research & Development facilities in Germering, (Munich), Ronkonkoma (New York) and Istanbul have both access to long years of experience in producing LCD Panels, and a firm focus on current and future technology in the field.

One-Stop System Solutions

We specialize in complete, customer-specific solutions in all areas from mechanics, Touch-integration, hardware and software development to manufacture and installation.

Ready Product Availability

We maintain amongst the biggest stocks of LCD panels worldwide at our facilities in Germany and the USA.

Fortec US: Corporate Philosophy

Our Basic Understanding as an Enterprise

As a leading supplier in the market segment display technology we implement high-quality display technologies and software at competitive prices for industry and Digital Signage. With every step in our development, we orientate towards our customers’ needs to obtain best possible product results. This guarantees that we keep our leading position despite the fierce global competition and its narrow pricing.

Our employees are our most important asset and the guarantors for our corporate success. Be it advice on TFT display applications or replies to questions, we ensure contact persons who will respond to your request in a prompt and proper manner. Furthermore, it is important for us that our employees continuously expand their knowledge and skills in this ever-expanding industry.

Guidelines of The Fortec Group product developments are:

  • Durability: Production based on the latest manufacturing technologies enables high reliability. We provide quality made in Germany (ISO 9001 certified) and USA.
  • User-friendliness: Our applications are well adapted to each other and provide high ease of use due to functions that are perfectly adjusted to correspond your purpose. Our aim is to keep procedures simple so that you can use your product straight away.
  • Energy efficiency: We place value on the fact that our products are manufactured environmentally friendly and have a low power consumption. Components developed by us thus help you to save electricity and costs.

Fortec Us – A Green Company

Digital Signage: More Power with Less Power

As a globally active company, we are aware of the fact that we have to take responsibility for our planet. That is why terms such as “emission reduction”, “energy efficiency” or “reduction in environmental pollution” are very important to us.

We take our slogan “The Fortec Group – A Green Company” very seriously and act accordingly whenever possible.

Our company buildings have been chosen resp. built according to high environmental aspects. Wherever possible, we use natural resources. Without consuming gas or oil, a geo-thermal heat pump tempers the offices in our headquarters near Munich. The move of our US subsidiary Fortec US into a more modern building and our sophisticated energy management enabled us to reduce the power consumption in gas and electricity by more than 20%. We achieved the same result in UK by buying a new company building and placing direct investments into energy saving.

In Harmony with the Environment: Less Power, less Noise, less Pollution

As we design TFT controllers ourselves, we are able to develop them highly energy efficient and thus reach a higher savings potential than other companies. By choosing a suitable hardware platform, power consumption can be significantly influenced without having to make sacrifices concerning the performance. Why making use of computing power when its not needed? Our specifically adapted products mainly allow fanless designs which are beneficial to noise generation. The Fortec Group manufactures components according to highest environmental requirements. Circuit boards are equipped following German standards. In times of energetic shift, ideas and applications playing a part in contributing to effectively save resources are inevitable.

Our high-performance products preserving the environment, human life and energy are mercury-free LED backlights, transflective displays, controller boards with switching function as well as brightness and motion sensors. The highly effective Ambient Light Sensor developed by us is one of these sensors. It automatically adjusts the necessary brightness of the display and provides a constantly perfect picture without fluctuations. Since we mostly work under rather poor lighting conditions, the purchase of the sensor amortizes within six months.

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