EMI/NVIS TFT displays

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EMI/NVIS TFT displays

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Sensitive medical, safety engineering or aerospace applications are subject to strict regulations concerning electromagnetic interference. In order to fulfill these requirements with our TFT displays and to shield the interference of the TFT cell, we use transparent EMI glass with the latest ITO technology and copper mesh with minimum 95% transmission. As a result, the brightness of the display is almost completely preserved. The silver-coated frame around the glass is used for grounding via the TFT display bezel.

Upon request, we can assemble or bond an analogue resistive, a resistive glass/glass or a projected capacitive touch to the EMI glass, which we do process in sizes from 7" to 55" at the moment. For best optical results, we use our VacuBond Optical Bonding method.

In addition, we can integrate a NVIS (Night Vision Imaging System) compatible backlight or special high brightness LED rails. Please click here for a custom hibrite NVIS backlight image. We also offer various filters such as anti-fingerprint or infrared filters.

With our SmartLED converter family we offer lED converters with NVIS/Daylight control in different performance classes.

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