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Innovative TFT System Solutions

    Optical Bonding

    Our proprietary VACUBOND© technology offers perfect optical results, competitive prices and short delivery times.

    Touch Screens

    Our touch integration competence center supports your design team with years of experience with custom touch screen and tuning for water, gloves and other extreme environments.

    Embedded Solutions

    Our product portfolio comprises standard products, customer-specific solutions from embedded Single-Board Computer to industrial Motherboards, Embedded and Panel PCs to IoT or industrial PCs.

    TFT Controllers

    In house developed Prisma and Artiste Controller boards. Our TFT controllers and media-players offer long life for industrial applications

    LED Drivers

    The SmartLED controllers are devices to drive LED backlights of TFT displays. These controllers can be configured by using the SmartLEDRover Windows software.

    Industrial Monitors

    Our current product portfolio includes monitors with a variety of integrated controllers, from video cards to Raspberry Pi based IoT solutions and PCs of different performance levels.

    Power Supplies

    We provide you with selected power supplies (12V-24V) for TFT display solutions. All power supplies have been carefully tested to guarantee an optimum performance of the TFT display.

    What is New?

    Take a look at the new products we have for you!

    Award Winner: Multi-OS Box PC AMI240

    April 15, 2024

    Winner of the Best-in-Show Award at Embedded World 2024? The iBASE AMI240 Embedded Box PC has truly earned this accolade!. Its impressive performance is powered by the latest 14th generation Intel® Core™ processors. With high computing power and minimal latency, the AMI240 is ideal for demanding applications such as remote monitoring and autonomous systems, where software complexity is steadily increasing. Thanks to Intel® SR-IOV technology, the AMI240 supports up to 6 operating systems simultaneously, providing users with the flexibility to choose and switch between, for example, Windows 10 and 11, Android, and Ubuntu, as needed.

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    Apollo displays is now Fortec US

    March 26, 2024

    Since 2015, Fortec Integrated GmbH, Vertrieb von elektronischen Bauelementen, has been a part of the FORTEC Group. In July 2023, uniform corporate brands were established for the FORTEC Group subsidiaries to offer the comprehensive product range of display technology, embedded systems, and power supplies under one brand. Since then, we have been using the FORTEC Integrated logo and now have also changed our name to FORTEC Integrated GmbH. The renaming marks another step in the grow-together process of the FORTEC Group into a global partner for unlimited technology solutions.

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    Outdoor use? No problem!

    March 4, 2024

    The G156HAN04.1 TFT display from AUO offers outstanding image quality even under challenging environmental conditions. With a temperature range of -30 to +85°C and a brightness of 1500cd/m², it provides a clear, accurate image with optimal readability even in extreme cold, heat, and direct sunlight.

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    Peak Performance for Edge Computing

    February 26, 2024

    The IB961 Single Board Computer from iBASE is equipped with powerful Raptor Lake Intel® Core™ processors, offering 4 to 6 performance cores and 4 to 8 efficiency cores depending on the version. In this hybrid architecture, the power-saving E-cores handle system tasks, and the high-performance P-cores are activated only when tasks requiring high computing power arise. This makes the IB961 a highly efficient platform for demanding applications in medical technology, industrial automation, or transportation.

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    Efficiency Champion E-Paper

    February 15, 2024

    E-Paper Compared to High Bright Monitor

    E-Paper monitors offer a cost-effective, environmentally and user-friendly solution for displaying information in various environments. The perfect choice when looking for an effective way to present changing information!


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