Configuration Software

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Configuration Software

The Software That Enables Easy Configuration of our Prisma TFT Controller


Our new software enables easy configuration of our Prisma TFT controller boards according to your requirements. Two versions are available:

  • MStarRover for PrismaMediaECO-II
  • MarsRover for PrismaMOBILITY-II
  • ChandlerRover for PrismaECO-IV

The software enables configuring the following board features:

  • LVDS timing (with spread spectrum for increased EMI performance)
  • Power Sequencing (T-CON, BLU, PSU remote signal on screw terminal)
  • T-CON supply voltage is configurable for 3.3V / 5.0V or 12V
  • Backlight unit (BLU) control (ANA/PWM, 3.3V/5V min/max, with pixel dimming)
  • Adjustable LVDS option pins (e.g. for reverse scan, JEIDA/VESA mapping, H/L, 3.3V or 5V level)
  • Configuration can be saved as XML file for future use
  • OSD setup and user data can be saved and re-used
  • Firmware and EDID can be updated easily
  • Operation hour counter (analyzable separately for display and backlight)
  • The user can chose the active input interfaces (for shorter switching periods when searching for an input source)

New MarsRover software features:

  • Panel Configuration◦LVDS channel swap
  • Board Configuration
    • Enable SOG (Sync On Green) on VGA port
    • 4-/6-Button Keypad selection
    • 2 custom modes for special timings can be defined

Tutorial Videos

These videos will give you a general overview on our configuration software, board configuration and panel configuration.

MarsRover Panel

MarsRover Board


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