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Windows IoT

Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise for Embedded applications


Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise is a Windows® 10 complete version, which has been specially designed and optimized for industrial use. It offers extended locking functions, Windows® desktop applications and Windows® apps for industrial devices.

Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise is based on the Windows® 10 complete version, is compatible with the Windows ecosystem with the programs, drivers and apps of the Windows® Plattform. It allows the manageability for companies and offers security for IoT solutions, since it provides all the advantages of the worldwide Windows ecosystem.

First Steps:

Get in contact with us and benefit from our many years of know-how with regard to the development of standard and customized Windows XP Embedded, Windows Embedded Standard 2009, Windows Embedded Standard 7 and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise solutions.

Standard or customer-specific development of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Apollo offers a great number of already existing Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Images for PC boards or systems of your suppliers. However, we are also competent partners when it comes to special customer-specific requirements for Windows 10 IoT Enterprise.

Pricing Model:

Microsoft has changed the licence model of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise into a process-based licence model. Depending on the processing power and the processor used, a corresponding licence needs to be selected. These licences can be categorized in Entry (entry level), Value (mid-performance) and High-End (highest performance).

Long-term availability - Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC)

An advantage of the Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise version is the long-term availability of at least 10 years supported by Microsoft. Windows® updates are available, but they do not necessarily need to be installed.

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