Fortec US: Corporate Philosophy

Our Basic Understanding as an Enterprise

As a leading supplier in the market segment display technology we implement high-quality display technologies and software at competitive prices for industry and Digital Signage. With every step in our development, we orientate towards our customers’ needs to obtain best possible product results. This guarantees that we keep our leading position despite the fierce global competition and its narrow pricing.

Our employees are our most important asset and the guarantors for our corporate success. Be it advice on TFT display applications or replies to questions, we ensure contact persons who will respond to your request in a prompt and proper manner. Furthermore, it is important for us that our employees continuously expand their knowledge and skills in this ever-expanding industry.

Guidelines of The Fortec Group product developments are:

  • Durability: Production based on the latest manufacturing technologies enables high reliability. We provide quality made in Germany (ISO 9001 certified) and USA.
  • User-friendliness: Our applications are well adapted to each other and provide high ease of use due to functions that are perfectly adjusted to correspond your purpose. Our aim is to keep procedures simple so that you can use your product straight away.
  • Energy efficiency: We place value on the fact that our products are manufactured environmentally friendly and have a low power consumption. Components developed by us thus help you to save electricity and costs.

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