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Optical bonding with Fortec US

The Benefits of Dry Optical Bonding

November 4, 2022

Fortec US have developed an industry-leading optical, one-of-a-kind bonding process, VacuBond®, that utilizes a dry process. 

What is Dry Optical Bonding?

Optical bonding is a crucial process that consists of applying an adhesive layer to a glass screen or touchscreen, which is then attached to an LCD display panel. This process secures the two together to create a solid bond without any air gap between them. 

Traditionally, optical bonding has been done using a liquid process. Liquid bonding is completed using a transparent, liquid adhesive that takes the LCD panel and adheres it to the touch screen device. UV radiation is then used to cure the adhesive and give you a strong optical bond. If the liquid adhesive seeps into the LCD during the process, the LCD is ruined. As well the process can result in quality defects such as bubbles, debris, yellowing, and more.

Dry optical bonding, on the other hand, yields zero optical defects to the naked eye when completed properly. The dry process binds the LCD panel to the touch screen using a pre-cured silicone adhesive sheet to create a strong bond without the use of UV radiation, meaning the adhesive will never yellow. The process is performed inside a vacuum chamber in our ISO Class 7 clean room, so there are no bubbles or debris introduced into the bond. The silicone adhesive remains pliable, resulting in a bond that is reworkable, and the material absorbs impact to improve the durability of the front glass.

Dry Optical Bonding Benefits

The benefits of using a dry process include the following: 

  • No yellowing over time – Because UV radiation is not used, the screen does not yellow.
  • No debris or condensation – The dry process creates a secure bond, ensuring that no moisture or debris gets under the glass.
  • Improved readability – By eliminating the air gaps, light refraction is reduced, and contrast and brightness are significantly increased. 
  • Vibration and shock resistance – With their strong and durable build, you’ll have less worry about your screens breaking, bending, and damaging.
  • Reduced risk of injury – Don’t worry about splintering glass, thanks to its durability. 
  • Longevity – Overall, dry optical bonding ensures that your screens are built to last. 

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