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10 Ways to Stay Safe Online

March 2, 2023

Ten Tips to Stay Safe Online

The internet is a wonderful tool that allows us to connect with people worldwide, share information, and stay up-to-date on current events. However, it’s important to remember the risks associated with using the internet. 

By following these ten important tips, you can help keep yourself safe when using the internet:

1. Use strong passwords and never reuse them. A strong password is at least eight characters long and includes a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. 

2. Never click on links in emails or text messages from people you don’t know. These links could contain viruses or take you to sites trying to scam you. 

3. Don’t enter your personal or financial information on websites that don’t have “https” in the address bar. The “s” stands for secure and means that the website is using encryption to protect your information. 

4. Keep your software and apps up-to-date. Software updates often include security enhancements that can help protect your devices from being hacked. 

5. Be careful about what you post online. Once something is posted, removing it completely from the internet is very difficult. 

6. Think twice before friending or following someone you don’t know on social media. These people are trying to steal your personal information or scam you. 

7. Don’t use public Wi-Fi networks to access sensitive information like your bank or email accounts. Hackers can set up fake Wi-Fi networks in public places, and if you connect to one of these networks, they could intercept the data you’re sending and receiving. 

8. Make sure your home network is secure by using a firewall and encrypting your wireless connection. 

9. Keep an eye out for signs that your computer has been infected with malware, such as unexpected pop-ups, slow performance, or changes to your homepage or default search engine without your permission. If you think your computer is infected, run a scan with antivirus software and install any available updates for your operating system and applications.

10. If you’re not sure whether a website is legitimate, do a quick Google search to see if there have been any reports of scams associated with it before entering any personal information on the site.

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