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3 Public Display Monitors You Should Know

November 14, 2017

Fact: public display screens are quite remarkable. From the bright graphics to the unmatched features, there’s nothing that these technological staples can’t do! Although the process of designing your custom display is simple, it does become quite the challenge when you’re trying to choose a public display screen to broadcast your message. If you’re not sure which to choose for your business, then here are a few (of many) options to look at:

Screen 1: POS-Line (31.5 – 65 inch)

Coming in a variety of sizes, the POS-Line will be the perfect choice for any display! Before you settle on choosing this screen for your business, you must decide whether you’d like the small or large version. Regardless, the larger models of this screen are configurable — which gives you a variety of options to completely customize this device! In addition to providing you with the greatest display quality, the POS-Line is also built to last, thanks to the sturdy metal housings!

Screen 2: XTRA-Line (27 inch)

Known to have one of the brightest resolutions, the XTRA-Line is quite the incredible choice for your custom display! With metal housing made from galvanized steel, this screen will be durable when placed in any environment. In addition to the sturdiness, the XTRA-Line screen has a resolution quality of 1920 x 1080 Pixel and a panel brightness of 300 cd/m². From shopping malls to small businesses, the XTRA-Line will be the perfect addition to bring your messages to life!

Screen 3: IP65 Display

Looking for a display that will hold up against the elements? From extreme sun exposure to rain, the IP65 Display will be the best choice for your outdoor business! Besides being weather resistant, the IP65 has a powerful fanless PC based on a Core-i5 architecture and cable feeding is extremely simple on this display. If you’re looking the weather-proof display screen of your dreams, then the IP65 is the ultimate choice for your business!

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Apollo - November 14, 2017

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