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3 Reasons Why Optical Bonding is Important

February 8, 2022

Optical bonding is a crucial process that consists of applying an adhesive layer to a glass screen or touchscreen, which is then attached to an LCD panel of a monitor. This process secures the two together to create a solid bond without any air pockets in between them. 

From the team at Fortec US, here are three reasons why optical bonding is important: 


No one wants screens that break after the slightest bump or fall. The conformable adhesive applied during the optical bonding process works as a shock absorber, protecting the screen from breaks and damage and allowing for safer use. If the glass does break for some reason, the shards will also remain stuck to the optical adhesive, so there is no worry of sharp, broken glass causing injury. 

Protection From Dust and Moisture

When optical bonding isn’t utilized, the air gap between the glass and LCD panel remains, leaving it vulnerable to dust, moisture, and any small particles that can get stuck inside, disrupting the image and damaging the screen. When optical bonding is correctly done, the air gap is completely eliminated, making this not a worry at all. This can be especially beneficial for screens used in maritime environments or areas with high humidity.  

Improved Viewing Experience

An optically bonded screen eliminates any internal reflection between the glass and LCD panel, allowing for a clearer, brighter image. Reducing the reflection prevents light from being lost internally, giving the display more contrast and better viewability. The brighter display also allows the image to be viewed easier in various lighting conditions. 

Fortec US VacuBond® Optical Bonding

Apollo’s VacuBond® Vacuum Bonding uses industry-leading direct dry optical bonding technology, which yields perfect results every time. Vacuum bonding allows for a zero visual defect production, creates a durable, functional screen, and provides ideal material stability meaning no yellowing.

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