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3 Types of Touch Screens You Should Know

October 4, 2017

Touch screen technology is truly the passage to the future. From smartphones to industry convention displays, these incredible technological advancements continue to grow over time into something bigger and better. If you’re looking to purchase a custom touch screen display for your business, or you’re in the market for an upgrade, then check out these models:

Touchscreen 1: Data Display

Coming in an array of sizes, the Data Display Projected Capacitive and Resistive Analog Touch Screens are what touch screen display dreams are made of! Having the option to be finished in a white or black sealing, these screens foster a quick response time and can withstand the test of time. In addition to being quite fast, these screens are also energy efficient since they are manufactured with a low power consumption. The Data Display touch screen display is truly a remarkable piece of equipment to own!

Touchscreen 2: Abon Touch Screen

Unlike most smartphones that require skin contact, this incredible touch screen can be operated while wearing gloves! Fostering an analog resistive 5-wire touch screen, this touch screen display can be be paired with a USB interface when attached to the appropriate cables. In addition to holding these prominent features, the Abon Touch Screen will also give you an incredible performance, running as smooth as a waterfall!

Touchscreen 3: DMC Touch Screen

Looking for a touch screen that’s not only durable, but runs like well-oiled machine? When you order a DMC Touch Screen, you’ll have an incredible product that is known for its scratch-resistant screen, thanks to glass/glass technology. In addition to having withstanding the any abrasive touch, this beautiful device can also be used while wearing gloves — a highly desired feature amongst any touch screen display. Finally, this phenomenal device can also resist the most powerful of cleaning agents — because it’s that durable! If you’re looking for an incredibly powerful touch screen for a tough environment, then the DMC Touch Screen is right for you!

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