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5 Cyber Security Tips For Your Small Business

October 1, 2022

As your small business grows, you’re going to be interacting with more and more customers, vendors, and outside parties. This can put your company at risk for cyber security issues if any of these groups decide to do you harm through hacking or other means. Luckily, there are steps you can take to protect your business from cyber security issues without breaking the bank or getting overwhelmed by the technical side of things, as shown by these five tips on cyber security tips for your small business:

Keep Your Systems Updated

One of the best and most convenient ways to protect your small business’s computer security is to ensure your systems stay up-to-date. Updates are released to provide extra protection against hackers. Whenever you see there is an update, be sure to get it completed sooner rather than later for peace of mind. 

Use Strong Passwords

A strong password is the first step to safeguarding your business’s cyber security. Passwords are often used in multiple places, and if a hacker gains access to one account, they can easily use that same login information to get into other accounts. Make sure you use a different password for each account and that it is at least 15 characters long with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

Avoid Clicking Suspicious Links

When visiting a website, be aware of any links that seem out of place or suspicious. If you hover your mouse over the link and it displays an address (URL) with a string of numbers at the end, this usually indicates that the connection is unsafe to click on. Remember that cybercriminals can also use social media networks like Facebook and Twitter to spread their malicious code.

Use VPNs

VPNs are a good way to protect your data and keep it away from prying eyes. VPNs encrypt the data you send over the internet, which keeps your information safe from hackers who could use it for nefarious purposes. But encryption also has its drawbacks: if you’re browsing from one country to another and need to access certain websites that aren’t available in your home country, you might not be able to access them if they use a different type of encryption than what’s used in your home country.

Backup Data Regularly

Inevitably, your computer will eventually crash, and you’ll lose data. It happens to just about everyone. One way to safeguard yourself is by backing up your files regularly, which can be done either automatically or manually. To do an automatic backup, you just have to install the appropriate software and tell it where you want it to back up the data and how often you want the backup to happen, then let it do its thing in the background.

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