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5 Reasons To Backup Your Data

April 7, 2022

What is a Data Backup?

A backup is essentially a second copy of your important data. This backup would be stored in a secondary location in case the first is destroyed, erased, or lost. When creating a data backup, you can either save it to an external drive, such as a USB, or save it to the internet, such as the cloud. Thanks to this simple form of disaster recovery, the crisis is averted, and your data is still accessible to you.    

Five Reasons To Backup Your Data

If you’re questioning whether or not to backup your data, take a look at these few benefits of data backups. 

  • Data loss prevention – This is rather self-explanatory, but it’s an essential reason to backup your data: so you never permanently lose it. If your hard drive fails or there is a system crash, you won’t have to worry about any important information and documents you may have lost. 
  • Cyber threats – Cyber threats, such as hacks and ransomware, continue to be a concern for anyone using a digital device. Cyber security is more important than ever because you never know when someone will try and steal or ransom your data. If you’ve done a backup, you won’t have to worry about recovering your documents for yourself. 
  • Accidents – Accidents happen and usually when you least expect them. Human error is natural, and if you delete your files or damage your computer by mistake, a backup can prevent any serious concerns.
  • Financial records – If you’re managing your personal finances or critical business-related documents, it can be devastating to lose all that information. For tax and audit purposes, it’s essential to have saved data about all your finances saved and available when needed. 
  • Work – Just about any job will have you working with important digital files and data you don’t want to lose, making it important to do a backup in case something happens. 
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