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5 Tips for Taking Care of Device Chargers

September 30, 2020

Our precious electronics are useless without their respective chargers! You’re probably used to the familiar feeling of worry and urgency when you notice your device’s battery is running low; no one enjoys it. It just goes to show how vital these cables are to help us ensure that our electronics are always ready to go when we need them. 

Without the charger, the electronic device can’t work, so you’ll want to give your charger the same amount of care and protection as you do the device. 

Utilize these tips to ensure your charger is being properly taken care of:

Unplug By The Head

Be conscious to never pull your charger out of the device by yanking at the cord. This may seem to work no problem, but the tension can cause irreparable internal damage to the device over time. Unplug the charger by the head and as close to the device as possible.

Keep it Dry

Don’t get your charger wet at all, and keep it a safe distance from any liquids at all times, just like you would the device. 

Keep it Cool

Extreme temperatures, hot and cold, can damage chargers, just like they do the devices. Be careful to not leave chargers in cars, outdoors, and other areas that can reach very high or low temperatures.

Keep it Tucked Away

No one wants you to trip on a charger more than the charger. Keep the charging cord tucked away and out of the way while in use to avoid injury to yourself. Someone hitting or tripping over the cable can also cause it to tear, the plug head to break, or the device to get damaged.  

Utilize Surge Protectors

You never know when an electrical surge can strike, and if it’s powerful enough, your electronics and chargers can suffer. Don’t risk this by using surge protectors.

Mobile phone and batteries on chargers

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