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How a Digital Display Works in Television

May 2, 2018

Lights, camera, action! When it comes to television production, nothing is off limits. In fact, major news networks are continuously looking for ways to entice their viewer and raise their production value! One of the most recent trends in television production is using a custom digital display to create a backdrop — but what does that entail?

How it Began

When television cameras first began to roll back in 1941, producers used what they had around them: paper, regular walls, and a dream. Looking back on older television productions, you can see the difference of how backdrops looked then compared to now. As the television productions became more demanding, especially for news broadcasts, producers needed a way to be able to speed up the process of changing the backdrop without taking too much time during commercial breaks — and that was the birth of a digital display backdrop in television.

How They’re Used

While watching either your favorite morning show or news program, you’ll notice that the backdrop behind the anchors is illuminated and changes quite frequently. This “magic” is due to a custom digital display backdrop. These backdrops save producers the precious time they need, in addition to the money they need to save for production costs. Whether it’s a local television show or part of a major cable network, you’ll definitely notice the rise of digital set pieces and how vivid they are!

Other Uses

Another way that producers can use a digital display is on a talk show. To further elaborate, picture your favorite daytime talk show host discussing a current pop culture event. Behind the host is a series of screens (or one large screen) that shows a photo of the celebrity they’re talking about. This not only adds production value to the show, but it makes the job of the host (and producers) easier when trying their audience photos of what they’re talking about. Custom digital displays from Apollo have a variety of uses and no dream is too big to create — especially when it comes to television!

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