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A woman is wiping clean a computer monitor

How to Clean a Computer Monitor

December 8, 2022

Keeping Your Computer Monitor Clean and Functional 

A computer monitor is one of the most important pieces of hardware in any office or work environment, providing users with a visual interface to view their work and data. However, dirt, dust, and other particles can build up on the monitor’s surface, which can cause damage over time. To ensure your computer monitor works properly and lasts, it’s important to clean it regularly.  

Steps For Cleaning Your Computer Monitor

Step 1: Unplug the Monitor Power Cable 

Before you begin cleaning your monitor, make sure that you unplug its power cable from the wall outlet. This important safety precaution will help prevent electric shocks or electrocution.  

Step 2: Wipe Away Dust and Dirt 

Once you’ve unplugged the power cable, you can use a soft cloth to wipe away any dust or dirt accumulated on the screen’s surface. If you have stubborn marks or smudges, try using a slightly dampened cloth with some mild soap or window cleaner applied directly to the fabric before wiping down the screen. Make sure to apply only a little pressure, as this could damage the surface of your monitor.   

Step 3: Use Compressed Air to Remove Stubborn Particles 

If stubborn particles are still clinging onto your screen after wiping away dust and dirt, use compressed air—or an air duster—to remove them safely without scratching the surface of your monitor. Be careful not to blow air directly at one spot for too long, as this could cause damage due to heat buildup. Instead, move around slowly in circular motions until all particles are removed from your screen.  

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