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How to Help Your Touch Screens Last Longer

September 12, 2022

Touch screens have become a necessity and have helped us in a multitude of ways, especially for businesses. To ensure your touch screens can work properly and be there when we need them for a long time, they require some care and maintenance. 

To help your touch screens last longer, here’s what you can do to care for them:

Keep it Clean

Dirt, dust, and debris build up over time and can find their way into the little nooks and cracks of your touch screen, leading to damage and ineffectiveness. To clean your touch screens, avoid using materials that could scratch, and stick to a soft, dry microfiber cloth. Never use abrasive cleaners like bleach ammonia, as they can remove the protective coatings on the screen surface. If the screen is very dirty and needs more than a dusting, moisten the microfiber cloth with clean water or use a half water, half white vinegar solution as a mild cleaner. 

Avoid Using Sharp Objects

Keep in mind what you have in your hands or nearby whenever you use your touch screens. Anything sharp, such as pencils, pens, paper clips, etc., can puncture and damage your touch screens. If you prefer to touch with something other than your hands, try a stylus; just make sure it’s one with a soft tip and not a plastic one. 

If You Can, Don’t Use Gloves

Though some touch screens have optical bonding designed to be used through gloves, others are not built to be accurate when touched with gloves. If you are wearing gloves, remove them before using the touch screen; gloves insulate and can prevent the screen from recognizing the input accurately. And if their touch isn’t recognized, the user will naturally, as a result, press harder and harder on the screen till it works, potentially causing damage. Consider using a stylus if you do need to wear gloves. 


After normal use, the touch accuracy of the screen may change due to wear, dirt, and dust. To correct the touch, do a calibration; there should be instructions in the user manual if you need help. 

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