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How to Protect Digital Displays in the Summer

May 31, 2018

The rising temperatures and sounds of ice cream trucks only mean one thing: summer is on the way! Known as a fan-favorite of seasons, these warmer months offer a variety of different benefits for anyone and everything. If you have a digital display and it’s placed in direct sunlight, then there is the slight possibility that it could stop working efficiently. If you’re looking for a way to preserve your device this summer, then here are some simple ways to do so.

Keep it Cool

Picture this: you’re standing in direct sunlight without a hat and sunglasses. As the time begins to pass, you realize that’s it’s starting to get warmer by the minute — and very uncomfortable. Although our devices are paired with VacuBond® Vacuum Bonding technology (which acts as a pair of sunglasses for your display), there is still a 1% chance it could get too hot. To prevent this, place all free devices under a tent, or if they’re portable, limit their sun exposure by moving them. This will help keep your machine cool and will avoid any problems that you could encounter.

Take it Inside

If you’re looking for another way to keep your device cool, then it may be best to keep it inside — or limit it’s outdoor time, only if it’s portable. When you get a custom display from Apollo, and it’s meant to be outside, we work our “magic” and create a device that will be able to withstand the elements — but what if you have an older, non-Apollo display outdoors? Well, there is the possibility that it could overheat, which could lead to some problems later on. If the device is portable, bring it in. If the invention is not portable, then it may be wise to power down the display for a few hours to let it cool down.

Monitor It

Sometimes an older, non-Apollo device might not have the strength it once had and will buckle under pressure from the heat and direct sunlight. If that’s the case, then it will be beneficial to monitor the device throughout the day and make sure that it’s still functioning correctly. Another useful thing to do, as mentioned earlier, is to let devices cool down; unplug them if you must. This will not only help preserve the invention but will eliminate anything from happening.

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