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How to Protect Your Electronics During a Storm

August 17, 2020

There’s always another storm just around the corner. Rain, wind, and lightning can all wreak havoc on our homes and property, including electronics. Whether it’s flooding, a lightning strike, or a power surge, it’s possible to protect your electronics from being damaged by these elements.

Protecting Electronic Devices and Yourself

With these helpful tips, you’ll be able to protect your electronics, data, and yourself from serious harm that comes from storms:

  • UnplugBefore there’s a storm, the safest bet is to unplug all your electronics and avoid any risk. It’s the only way you can be confident that you and your electronics will be safe.
  • Back up your data regularlyStorm surges can destroy plugged-in electronics and completely fry their data. Backing up your data before a storm or regularly can prevent the loss of any important electronics content.
  • Use surge protectors – Connect your electronics and critical devices to surge protector strips to prevent damage from a storm-related power surge.
  • Avoid use during an active storm When there is an active storm, don’t use any electronics plugged into an outlet. Wait until you are sure the storm passes.
  • Don’t use any wet electronicsIf any electronics get, do not use them until they’ve thoroughly dried and been checked by a technician. For example, don’t use your washer or dryer if there was any flooding. Have them checked by a professional before to be sure there is no risk of harm or injury.

Lightning in the night sky above the city.

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