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How To Relieve Stress While Working at Your Desk

April 8, 2021

April is National Stress Awareness Month, and we get it; we all have stress! Working at a desk in front of a computer may seem simple as you’re not doing much physical activity, but that doesn’t mean you’re not getting tense and overwhelmed. We could all use some help making those long working days a little better and more relaxing.  

Here are some stress-relief tips for your desk to help you get through the workday:


Spending some time throughout the day to meditate can be beneficial and leave you feeling calm and relaxed. Meditation, or moments where you can clear your mind and focus on your breathing, can quiet your thoughts and give you a chance to feel refreshed and ready to move on with your work in a positive frame of mind.


Working at your desk leaves you sedentary for much of the day, which isn’t good for your physical or mental health. Schedule some time throughout the day to stand up, walk around, and move your body. Some simple stretches that get the blood flowing and release tension in your muscles will do that trick and help you feel at ease.

Healthy Snacking

Consider eating some healthy snacks during the day! Snacks full of protein or healthy fats can help you feel energized and happy, whereas salty or sugary snacks will only contribute more to your sluggish, stressful feelings.  

Calming Music

Music is a powerful stress-reliever and can help you while working too. Listening to music you enjoy will make you happy and take the stress you feel away. 

Deep Breathing

Controlled inhaling and exhaling helps induce a relaxed feeling. As you breathe in deeply, you increase the amount of oxygen going into your brain, allowing you to relax and focus better.

A man sitting at his desk with his hand in his face due to stress stress

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