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How Touchscreen Technology Can Benefit Your Restaurant

July 24, 2020

The use of touchscreens to help businesses has been a common trend in recent years as technology continues to advance and improve our lives. Restaurants are just one of the many types of businesses that have been increasingly utilizing touchscreens for both employees and customers to use as a means of quicker, more efficient service. 

Here’s how touchscreen technology can be used in restaurants:


When it comes to customers ordering food, touchscreens can be very beneficial:

  • New items can easily be added to keep the menu always accurately updated
  • Orders can be easily customized to their specific liking
  • Images can help the customers decide what they want
  • Customers can order a drink, extra side, appetizer, etc. without needing a busy waiter’s attention
  • Overall quicker service


Giving customers the power to pay on their own can be very beneficial to your restaurant:

  • Replace cashiers and have customers order and pay on their own to avoid mistakes and speed up the ordering process
  • Lessens the time customers are in the restaurant
  • Comfort for customers in handling the payment process themselves
  • Groups of people can easily divide the check or pay for their individual orders


Touchscreen technology can be used to help any busy kitchen:

  • Makes orders more clear and easy to read leading to fewer mistakes and a higher volume of customers
  • Keep track of the timing of orders and how long it takes to reach the customer
  • Helps specify whether the order is dine-in, take-out, or for delivery


Being well-organized is key to the success of any restaurant. Touchscreens can help keep all aspects of the restaurant organized to help promote efficiency and save money:

  • Keep track of all inventory amounts
  • Keep track of expiration dates and avoid spoilage
  • Monitor the time, type, and amount of all orders
  • Schedule reservations
  • Easily keep track of tables and where customers are seated


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