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Ideas for an Interactive Kiosk

January 9, 2020

One of the best details that any business can implement is a custom interactive kiosk! With a variety of incredible uses, there’s nothing that this technological advancement can’t do. Now, if you’re not too sure on how exactly you’d use one at your business, here are some things to consider! 

Ideas for a Custom Interactive Kiosk

Interactive Map

Sometimes, shopping centers can be a tad overwhelming. Depending on the number of floors and stores that are available, customers might not be able to find the shop they’re looking for. However, an interactive map will be the perfect solution to the problem at hand! Patrons can walk up to it, see an overview of the shopping facility, and be able to search for the retail space that they desire — it’s that straightforward and helpful!

F.A.Q. Center

Are your customers on the search for answers to some common questions? If so, an interactive kiosk would be an excellent addition to your business! Placing the kiosk in a prime, central location at your business, patrons can walk up to the kiosk, select from a list of frequently asked questions, and will receive the answer they’re looking for. Of course, since this is digital, it can be updated at any time, adding or removing any questions in the near but distant future!

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