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Industrial Display Screen Ideas

June 26, 2019

One of the most universal pieces of display technology happens to be an industrial display. Known to fit in just about any space, this will be a great way to display any message to any audience you desire. Of course, since there are many different ways you can have this screen installed, it makes the process of deciding on where to put your display rather tricky. If you’re looking for industrial display screen inspiration, here are some things to consider.


A great spot to have one of these screens installed is in the lobby of your business. This would be one of the best ways to not only welcome potential audience members when walking in, but it can also be a fantastic way to display any of your work and showcase it in a simple, effortless style. Sure, you can always have print materials do the job for you — but those don’t typically draw any attention, especially when compared to something on a digital level.


Are you looking to draw the attention of your audience in a new light? If so, then you’ll want to consider having an industrial display installed in a stairwell. While it wouldn’t be wise to have something distracting (since potential audience members will be waking up and down), it would be an excellent opportunity to give a digital directory, telling audiences what lies on each floor.

Dining Areas

Whether it’s a mall or a shared office building, a dining area is a prime location to put an industrial display screen. Think about it: when you’re eating, sometimes your eyes wander — and if a screen is present, it will capture your attention almost immediately. And no matter if the screen is big or small, it will make an impact (and you’ll thank yourself in the process).

Want to Have an Industrial Display Screen Installed?

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