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Optical Bonding FAQs

July 13, 2022

From the optical bonding experts at Fortec US, here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions about optical bonding: 

Q: What is optical bonding?

Optical bonding involves bonding a cover glass or touch screen to an LCD cell. An adhesive, such as silicone gel, epoxy, or urethane, is applied to eliminate air gaps by inserting it between the cover glass and the LCD.  

Q: What are the different methods for optical bonding?

Traditionally, optical bonding is done using a wet process, often referred to as liquid bonding. With liquid bonding, a transparent, liquid adhesive that takes the LCD panels and adheres them to the custom touch screen device. UV Radiation is then used to solidify the process and give you a strong optical bond. However, there are issues with this process, such as its labor-intensive, messy, and takes a long time, making it the unideal method for your optical bonding needs. 

The other option, dry optical bonding, is the preferred method. This process is the vacuum application of a silicone sheet between the layers. This allows for multiple displays to be bonded quickly and simultaneously. 

Q: What are the benefits of optical bonding?

Some of the benefits of optical bonding include: 

  • Increased optical clarity
  • Reduces parallax issues 
  • Zero contamination of moisture and dust 
  • Scratch and damage resistance

Q: Which industries are optical bonding most suited to? 

Optical bonding is most commonly used for industries such as military, marine, kiosk, transportation, and medical. It is typically best suited for applications where a higher-performing display is required. This includes displays used in high-reliability environments and where displays need to be viewable in high ambient light conditions. In other words, optical bonding is ideal for devices that may operate outdoors or in heavily lighted conditions.

Q: Why choose Fortec US for my optical bonding needs?

Fortec US process, VacuBond®, is regarded as industry-leading and the most advanced form of dry optical bonding, which allows for zero optical defect production and provides perfect material stability with no yellowing, along with impeccable image clarity and incredible durability. When you choose Fortec US for your optical bonding needs, you receive expert services that yield second-to-none results. 

Optical Bonding with Fortec US

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