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Cropped view of a male hand using a touchscreen ATM; The Benefits of Cover Glasses for TFT Displays and Touch Screens

Elevating User Experience with Cover Glasses: A Deep Dive into the Benefits for TFT Displays and Touch Screens

March 6, 2024

Enhancing TFT Displays and Touch Screens: The Power of Cover Glasses

The advent of TFT displays and touch screens has transformed our interaction with information and each other. As demand for these devices surges, so does the necessity for their protection. Cover glasses offer a multitude of benefits that not only bolster device durability and functionality but also elevate the user experience. Let’s dive into four primary advantages of employing cover glasses.

1. Protection

Cover glasses enhance the durability of TFT displays and touch screens by protecting them from potential damage like scratches, cracks, and chips, thereby prolonging their lifespan. This protection is especially vital in sectors like hospitality and education, where devices are frequently shared among multiple users.

2. Anti-Glare and Anti-Reflective Technologies

Utilizing anti-glare and anti-reflective technologies, these protective glasses are designed to minimize eye strain, thereby increasing comfort during long-term usage. These technologies work by reducing the light reflection from the display surface, which significantly improves visual clarity. This advantage is especially noticeable in outdoor settings where the reduction of ambient light reflection is crucial. 

3. Energy Efficiency

Cover glasses for TFT displays and touch screens are designed to optimize light transmission, thereby reducing the energy required for a visible image, resulting in more energy-efficient and eco-friendly devices. Because anti-reflective or anti-glare coatings further enhance light transmission, they allow visibility in bright conditions without increasing backlight intensity, thus conserving energy. While the energy savings per device may be small, the cumulative impact across an organization can be significant.

4. Improved Touch Sensitivity

Cover glasses boost the touch sensitivity and accuracy of devices, offering a 

smoother user experience. This is attributed to their high-quality material and special coatings. The transparency and durability of the materials ensure precise touch registration, while the smooth coatings improve tactile feel and input accuracy. Recognizing these benefits, Apollo has revolutionized the use of cover glass using optical bonding.

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