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Tips For Crafting The Best Password

May 6, 2021

Hackers are always looking to steal someone’s information; don’t be one of their victims! Since the internet’s creation, billions of passwords have been made, and you likely have a bunch yourself that you have to remember. While it may be easy for you to quickly type the same, short, easy password when you log in to shop or access important information or databases, it will be even easier for hackers to crack! 

Take a look at these tips to create secure passwords that are sure to stop hackers in their tracks:

Make your password long

One of the methods hackers use to figure out your password is called a “brute force attack.” With this hacking technique, hackers use a program that will run quickly through every possible combination of letters, numbers, and symbols that exist to get your password. The longer the password is, the longer it will take to figure it out. Passwords that are only three or four characters in length can take less than a minute to crack using a program.

Try a random, nonsense phrase

Why not get a little creative? Long passwords are good, but long passwords that include very random words or phrases are even better. Utilize letter combinations that can’t be found in the dictionary, phrases that aren’t found anywhere in literature, and grammatically incorrect sentences, so your passwords will be more difficult for hackers to figure out. As well, remember not to use characters that are sequential on a keyboard, such as “qwerty.”

Use numbers, symbols, and uppercase letters

One of the best password strategies is to randomly mix up your password with more than just lowercase letters. Try using numbers, uppercase letters, and symbols such as !, @, or #. One way to start doing this is by replacing the letter “o” with the number zero, the letter “a” with the symbol @, or other substitutions. If your password is a phrase, try capitalizing the first letter of each word. Just remember, the more randomness of symbols, numbers, and uppercase letters, the more secure your password will be.

Don’t use personal information

Never use personal information in your passwords! Information such as your birthday, anniversary, address, pet names, and schools are all easily guessed and discoverable. While we’re at it, if you need to select security questions when creating an online account, don’t pick questions where the answer can easily be figured out on your social media accounts.  

Change your passwords regularly

The more critical the account or documents your password protects, the more often you should change it. Changing your passwords is the best way to ensure no hacker is tracking them. Once you’ve switched to a new one, don’t use that password again for a very long time.  

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