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Tips for Maintaining Optically Bonded Displays

June 6, 2023

Optical bonding is a process that combines a display module and a touchscreen by attaching a layer of adhesive between them. One of the primary uses of optical bonding is the creation of displays for industrial applications. These displays are designed to withstand harsh environments, and optical bonding technology makes them more resilient. However, like any other device, optically bonded displays require regular maintenance to ensure proper functionality. 

Below, the Fortec US team will provide you with some tips for maintaining optically bonded displays:

1. Cleaning

Regular cleaning is essential to ensure that the display remains clear and visible. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the surface gently. Avoid using abrasive cleaners, which can scratch or damage the surface. If there are stubborn stains, use a mild soap solution to clean the display. Displays that have an anti-reflective front surface need extra care during cleaning. 

2. Protection

Excess heat, moisture, and vibrations can damage all displays. When a display is installed outdoors, whenever possible, use a protective cover or awning to reduce sun exposure. The enclosure should also be designed to avoid moisture ingress and heat buildup. Glass coatings are available to reduce heat absorption from the sun, and our electronics can monitor the temperature and actively cool the display when needed. 

3. Avoid Sharp Objects

Avoid touching the surface with tools or sharp objects. The surface of a resistive touch screen is delicate and prone to damage. Projected Capacitive touch screens are solid glass and are much more durable, but scratches can compromise the image quality.

4. Monitoring

Keep an eye on the display function, particularly if it’s installed in a harsh environment or exposed to outdoor elements. Any signs of damage, like cracks or black spots, are an indication that the display needs ruggedization to survive the environment that it is in. Our electronics can remotely monitor the display for temperature rise and valid video and send fault alerts if something needs attention. 

5. Calibration

Projected capacitive touch screens are calibrated at the factory before shipping. If the unit is subjected to water or other liquids, special calibration is needed. Similarly, if the unit is installed in a cold area where the user is wearing gloves, special calibration is needed. 

6. Mounting 

Optically bonded displays need special considerations for mounting and installation. Our engineers will work with your designers to develop a structure that gives years of trouble-free service. 

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