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Tips for Working From Home

January 7, 2021

The days of long nights and hanging with your coworkers at the office are rare nowadays, and the future is surely uncertain. While you may have had to adjust to work-from-home life, many of you can probably agree it isn’t as easy as it may sound. Work needs to get done, and your home environment screams comfort making it hard to focus.

We’re here to help make working from home a bit easier and more productive for you:

Designate Your Workspace

Working from your couch, bed, or other space with distractions and other people where you spend other times of your day is one of the worst things you can do. Separating your home life from your work life is still crucial. Designate an area of your home, preferably with a desk that is only used for work.

Keep Your Area Clean and Tidy

Keeping your workspace neat and clean will help you focus on your work throughout the day. Use shelves, bins, and other organizers so everything you need and use has a place and clutter doesn’t build up. Don’t forget to disinfect your area and electronics frequently! 

Take Breaks

Getting out of your seat to stretch your legs, clear your mind, eat, or recharge is essential to staying happy and healthy through the workday. Just like you probably would at the office take advantage of the breaks your company offers. If you can’t take frequent breaks away from your desk, periodically stand up and stretch.

Stick to a Morning Routine

Starting work at the same time each day is one thing, but having a plan from when you first wake up is another. Building a routine to follow each day, like you would if you were going to the office every day, will help your days flow easier. Your routine may include wake up-time, making coffee, showers, exercising, eating breakfast, or whatever you need to do before your workday starts. A daily schedule can help you stay focused and energized throughout your day.

Minimize Distractions

Take some time to set ground rules for the people you live with, so they know when you need to focus and be undisturbed as well as how to handle any home tasks such as walking a pet, watching a child, or cleaning during the day. Recognize what other distractions may be around you, such as electronics, and be sure to remove them so you can stay focused.

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