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What Can I Clean a Touch Screen With?

August 29, 2019

Just like doing loads of laundry each week, there comes a time when you’ll have to clean your touch screen. Whether it’s a smartphone, computer screen, or a custom touch screen display, none of these devices are safe from being marked up with a plethora of fingerprints. However, its relatively rather simple to clean them and keep them streak-free — but how so?

How to Clean A Touch Screen Computer Screen

Microfiber Cloth

One of the best ways to keep your screen clean is to use a microfiber cloth. Unlike a paper towel or a napkin, microfiber materials will be rather gentle on the surface, leaving little room for error. Of course, when wiping down the screen, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t put any sort of cleaning product on your cloth since those could be harsh on certain types of screens. 

For example, if the screen is LCD-based, adding any liquid cleaning solution will be rather detrimental to the well-being of the product. However, if you’re cleaning a screen that’s composed of glass, then you have a bit more leeway. To keep things safe, you can add the smallest splash of water to your cloth to help remove a stubborn mark off of the screen.

Alcohol Wipes (Use Sparingly)

Another common material used to clean touch screens are alcohol wipes. These convenient little wipes are usually a prime choice when it comes to wiping down eyeglasses and so forth — but if they’re used too often on a touch screen, there’s a chance they could be a tad too strong. If you’re looking to use alcohol wipes, use them sparingly — not on a daily basis.

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