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What is an Electronic Shelf Label?

June 3, 2019

The last time you visited the store by your house, how were the prices listed on the shelves? For many, it may have been a label or a sticker, which has been a common practice for years. While these methods will never fail, there is one way to bring shelves into the modern world: Electronic Shelf Labels. Whether you work in retail or are looking for a way to bring your business up to par, here’s why you should consider an electronic shelf label:

Sleek and Modern

Using TFT display technology, an electronic shelf label will be the answer you’re looking for at your business. Having the capability to be programmed in a multitude of ways, you’ll wish that you invested in an electronic shelf label much sooner. If you’re concerned that these labels will stick out and be an eye-sore, you’ll be happy to know that they’re mounted as sleek as can be — standing out, only due to the display, not the actual monitor itself.


We’ve all seen it: you go shopping at a store, and certain items tend to sit on the shelf for quite some time. Most of the time, this happens because shoppers aren’t able to find what they’re looking for since some product placement could be poor or hidden from plain sight. Utilizing an electronic shelf label will be the best way not only to bring attention to every shelf in your store, but it will help spread the word about those “hidden” items that linger around much longer than they should.

Simple to Change

Primarily if you have worked in a grocery store, it can be a nuisance to change every label that resides on the shelf. However, when you opt to have these electronic display labels in your business, it will be simple to change their display in a matter of a few minutes. This is not only convenient, but it’s also eco-friendly since you’ll be using less paper and “recycling,” in a sense.

Do You Want Electronic Shelf Labels Installed in Your Store?

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