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What Types of Displays Can be Optically Bonded?

March 7, 2023

What is Optical Bonding?

Optical bonding is the process of attaching a touch sensor and/or cover glass to an LCD display. This process adheres the two parts together to create a solid bond between them without any pockets of air or air gap between the layers. The air gap is the primary cause of reduced readability from loss of contrast resulting from internal reflections. Optical bonding is necessary to improve the optics and build strong, durable screens that can last a lot longer than traditional screens that have not utilized optical bonding. 

What Displays Can be Optically Bonded?

All kinds of glass and most digital displays can be optically bonded with our VacuBond process.  Many small TFT displays and e-paper displays do not have a front bezel and this makes them very difficult to bond with any liquid adhesive. Our silicone gel sheets bond these displays easily and with no messy adhesive outflow that can damage the display. Optical bonding is particularly beneficial for screens in harsher environments, such as outdoors, commercial kitchens, factories, etc. Touch technologies, including resistive and projective capacitive types, can also be optically bonded. The VacuBond process is the most versatile and reliable process for all display types up to 32” in diagonal. 

Optical Bonding with Fortec US

At Fortec US, we have provided customers with top-of-the-line optical bonding services since 2001. We use our own industry-leading VacuBond® optical bonding, which is a dry process that allows for zero optical defect production and provides perfect material stability with no yellowing, along with a clear image and incredible durability. Our method ensures that there are perfect results every time.

For all your optical bonding needs, trust the team at Fortec US.

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