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Competitive Mitsubishi 5″ TFT display

August 29, 2016

The AA050MH1 features a brightness of 500cd/m². Optionally, we equip the display with a PCAP touchscreen with either I²C or USB interface which will provide you with a full touch display.

With our IF392M interface attached directly to the rear of the display module, the TTL display can easily connect to our Prisma TFT controller boards and be upgraded to a kit solution. IF392M’s backlight driver and LVDS to TTL converter of IF392M translate the display specific connection to our Prisma design concept connection.

Therefore the interface is the perfect choice for your IPC based applications, too. With our standard cable you can operate the AA050MH01 or other TTL displays with FFC directly and easily on your PC’s LVDS port.

Please contact us, we will advise you.

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