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5 Benefits of Optical Bonding

August 6, 2021

Optical bonding is the process of connecting the touch sensors and cover glass to an LCD panel and other internal components of the device. This process is done to secure the two parts together to create a solid bond between them without any pockets of air or air gap in between the layers. Optical bonding has become an essential process since there are so many benefits, and here at Fortec US, we’re experts!

Take a look at these important benefits that optical bonding provides for your screens: 

Reduces Parallax Issues

Parallax issues, caused by light refraction making pixels appear to shift positions as you move your line of sight, are eliminated with optical bonding. The optical bonding process gets rid of the gap between the cover glass and LCD panel, creating a more accurate image.

Improved Touch Accuracy

Because optical bonding eliminates the air gap between the screen layers, there is also improved touch accuracy. With the reduction of the air gap, there is less space between where the finger touches the LCD panel, which registers the touch, making it more precise for a better functioning touch screen.

Brighter Visuals

Thanks to optical bonding, screens will have improved contrast, a brighter image, and provide a better viewing experience. The elimination of the internal refraction also allows for a larger viewing angle, helping the visuals be seen from wider angles.

Increased Durability

Durability is a crucial factor for any screen since they handle so much interaction. The optical bonding process helps protect both the LCD panel and cover glass from damage since the adhesive layer acts as a shock absorber. As well, if there is glass damaged, the glass shards will remain stuck to the adhesive, so there is a minimal risk of being cut.

Protection From Dust & Moisture

Dust and moisture can both find their way into electronics and cause serious issues, but with optical bonding, you’ll feel comfortable knowing your screens are protected. Condensation is unable to form in humid environments thanks to the protective layer, and in places where there are air quality issues, you don’t have to worry about small dust and dander particles getting in.

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