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5 Tips For Safe Internet Browsing

August 11, 2022

The internet has helped us stay connected to the people and world around us– it’s become a necessity, and most adults nowadays spend hours of their day online. Though the internet has provided us with endless amounts of information and entertainment, it also leaves those using it vulnerable to scams and hackers trying to steal your personal data and information.   

Here are the top five tips to ensure you browse the internet safely: 

  1. Make sure all your passwords are strong.

You’ve probably heard this many times, but it’s the most important tip. It’s imperative to use secure, strong passwords that can’t be easily guessed– hackers are relentless and will be able to figure out a way into your private accounts if your passwords are weak. Be sure to use capital and lowercase letters, unique words, and various characters and numbers for all of your passwords; as well, be conscious not to repeat them. 

  1. Be mindful of where you share your information. 

Never talk to anyone you don’t personally know and trust and never give out your personal information online! Scammers are always lurking, waiting to steal information about yourself to use against you. 

  1. Only go on trustworthy sites.

Avoid clicking, browsing, and shopping on websites that you aren’t familiar with or trust. Scammers could be luring waiting to trick you into clicking something you shouldn’t. Also, avoid selecting anything that looks questionable. 

  1. Check that your internet connection is secure.

When you go on the internet in a public place and use a public Wi-Fi connection, it’s important to be careful since you have no control over its security. Hackers could be waiting to use your connection to look at your personal data on your device. If you can, wait till you can use a secure and trusted network and be mindful of what you open while on unsecured Wi-Fi.  

  1. Be careful of what you download.

One of the most popular tactics cybercriminals use to steal your information and get access to your computer is to trick you into downloading malware. To avoid being deceived, be cautious and only download from trusted sites.

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