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Benefits of an Apollo Touch Display

May 6, 2021

Are you looking to modernize your business? Do you need help improving your customer and employee experience? We have just what you need! Investing in an Apollo Displays Touch Display will set you apart from your competition and help boost your business.

Apollo Displays is a leader in touch display technology. Our monitors with RGB controllers can be used as a touch screen or touch panel. We offer multi-touch systems as an option for every industry and monitor public display. We work to create custom designs to meet your needs and goals.

Take a look at these benefits to investing in an Apollo Touch Display

Engage With Customers

Including an interactive display in your business helps customers feel more engaged and connected with your business. Touch displays help make their time memorable and more exciting as they shop and interact.

Create a Quick Customer Experience

Another great benefit to touch displays is they allow for a quicker customer experience, which is very important to many consumers, as they value their time just as much as quality or price. Touch displays create a faster, more convenient experience so they can get the information they need with just a few touches of a screen. This is especially helpful for businesses such as restaurants, theaters, train stations, airports, and retail stores.

Improve Accessibility

Touch screen displays can be helpful for all kinds of consumers! Individuals with disabilities may have an easier time using an easily accessible touch screen that can zoom in or out, increase the text size, read-aloud text, and other beneficial technologies that can help them have a better, more personalized experience.

Boost Employee Productivity

Your employees can benefit from touch displays too! Touch screen displays help with the organization behind the scenes that can boost overall productivity and efficiency for your business’s operation.  


Apollo Displays can withstand and work through tough conditions such as water, moisture, dirt, and more. As well the touch screen can still be used accurately with thin gloves to avoid interrupting the workflow. 

Two workers utilizing a touch screen to analyze data and charts

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