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Medical Touch Screen Solutions with Fortec US

April 5, 2023

Touch screen technology is becoming increasingly popular in the medical industry, with many healthcare providers turning to modern solutions to improve their efficiency and accuracy. Touch screen displays are used in a wide range of medical applications, from patient information systems to diagnostic tools, operating rooms, and beyond. 

From the experts at Fortec US, here are the advantages of using touch screens in the medical industry:

Increased Efficiency and Accuracy

One of the primary advantages of using touch screens in the medical environment is increased efficiency and accuracy. By eliminating physical buttons or keys, various tasks can be completed quickly and accurately without requiring multiple steps or user intervention. This increases accuracy and reduces human error, resulting in fewer mistakes or misdiagnoses.

Improved Interactivity

Touch screens can also provide improved interactivity for tasks like patient data entry or navigation through complex menus. Through intuitive designs and easy-to-use applications, users can enter data quickly and accurately while reducing training time for new staff members. Furthermore, touch screens promote more accurate data entry since they’re less prone to mistyping errors than traditional keyboards.

Enhanced Durability

Medical touch screens are designed to meet stringent standards for durability, ensuring reliable performance even under harsh conditions such as frequent cleaning with disinfectants or exposure to extreme temperatures. They’re also designed to meet specific shock resistance requirements that limit the damage caused by accidents or mishaps. This ensures that your touch screen investment will withstand any rigorous environment you put it through without compromising performance.

Increased Usability

Finally, touch screens offer a higher usability level than traditional mouse/keyboard combinations at similarly sized workstations (with 21”–24” sizes). Touchscreens have larger interactive areas with high resolution, making them easier for users to navigate by simply touching them with one finger rather than using a complex mouse/keyboard combination or stylus pen.

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