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Protecting Your Electronics During The Winter

February 4, 2021

No one dislikes the cold and freezing temperatures of winter more than your electronic devices. Our electronic devices help us in a multitude of ways and have become a daily necessity to us. Winter weather can lead to severe damage and destruction for unprotected electronics, so it’s best to take some time to understand and learn how you can best keep them operating efficiently in extreme weather conditions.

Effects of Cold Weather on Electronics

Electronic devices are designed to be operated and perform best within specific temperatures. When these items are exposed to these out-of-range temperatures, there are higher risks for damage and overall failure. The components within, such as hard drives, batteries, sim cards, and more, can become stiff and then shatter in freezing weather conditions. Touch screens as well can have a delayed response to your finger movements or be completely unresponsive. 

Another situation to consider is bringing your freezing electronics into a warm home or space. With this drastic temperature change, condensation will likely form on the internal components of your devices. This moisture can also cause damage to your electronics and leave you with a non-functioning device. 

Tips For Protecting Your Electronic in the Cold

During winter, take some extra time and consideration to protect your needed electronic devices, to keep them running properly at all times. These tips are here to guide you:

  • Keep devices in your pockets or a closed, warm space – Whenever possible and when not in use, keep your devices out of the direct cold and away safely in your pockets so that they can stay warm. Your body heat and the material of your clothing will keep your electronics at a safe temperature.
  • Keep devices fully charged – Cold temperatures will drain your battery faster, so be sure your devices are fully charged before heading out, so they are there and ready when you need them. Also, keep an extra charger with you on long outings just in case.
  • Utilize protective cases – Freezing temperatures make screens on your devices more vulnerable to breaks and cracks. Utilize effective, durable protective cases on your devices in case of a drop or accident that could lead to damage.
  • Don’t leave devices out for long periods of time – Never leave electronics outside, such as in your car overnight, or the components can be permanently damaged or destroyed.
  • Wait before turning them on – Once you return indoors, wait a while for your device to warm up before turning them on.
  • Read the owner’s manual – For optimal protection, read the manual that came with your device for exact specifications and guidance on keeping your devices protected in extreme temperatures and temperature changes.
  • Optical bonding – Condensation is a real concern and often leads to irreversible damage. Luckily, having your devices optically bonded by expert professionals can prevent this and keep your electronics working optimally at all times.

Woman taking a photo of a snowing mountain on her phone during winter

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