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Brand new: BLO-Line with fire protection class A1 now with touch

May 8, 2020

The BLO-Line with integrated touch was of course subjected to a fire test and certified with fire protection class A1. We thus guarantee our customers the maximum level of safety and prove the fire protection class with a certificate which is enclosed with every monitor.

So far, touch solutions have not been possible with fire-protected monitors. The main reason for this was the fire protection glass, which, due to its special structure, prevents the PCAP touch sensor from functioning correctly. The use of a touchscreen is also excluded for monitor solutions with fire protection housings.

Through close cooperation with our glass partners, we have succeeded in developing a solution that brings PCAP touch and fire protection glass together. This makes Fortec Integrated the first supplier to offer an independent fire protection monitor with PCAP-Touch in sizes from 24.0″ to 54.6″.

The BLO-Line monitors are ideal for information displays in areas with strict fire protection regulations such as hospitals, universities, schools, at airports and in public buildings. The touch solution in our fire-protected monitors now allows interaction with visitors and passers-by in these sensitive areas. The BLO-Line touch monitors are – just like the versions without touch – available as pure monitors or as a stand-alone system with integrated PC.

For further information on our BLO monitors, please visit our BLO-Monitor page and refer to the information sheet  below.

If you have any questions about the product, options or selling prices, we look forward to hearing from you.



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