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Case Study: Trailblazing POS Unit in Optician Store

October 2, 2014

The system consists of an ultra-thin 42″ POS-Line LCD monitor of The Fortec Group’s POS-Line video series with high brightness output, 1920×1080 pixel resolution and wide viewing angle. A projected capacitive touch sensor with a 42″ active area, sourced from Zytronic has been applied to mirror-finished toughened glass and is capable of supporting up to 40-point multi-touch operation. Moreover, a Logitech HD web camera provides high resolution photos and video that can be stored on the host PC and uploaded. The customized software facilitates social interaction and the sharing of content with others.

As Asad Hamir, Kite GB CEO, explains: “The unit is already proving very popular and is a great differentiator for Kite. It allows customers to get advice on the products they are thinking about purchasing from the people that matter most to them, not just the store staff.”

“The two-phase mirror function is extremely advantageous for the Kite unit. It gives it the appearance of an elegant silver mirror when the monitor is not lit, consistent with the stylish decor of the store. It then becomes instantly transparent when the monitor is activated, so that an intuitive touchscreen interface materialises”, adds Ian Crosby, Zytronic’s Sales & Marketing Director.

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