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Case Study: VacuBond and transparent displays for self-service restaurant

June 7, 2017

The The Fortec Group provides optically bonded transparent TFT displays for an interesting customer project: A self-service restaurant without lines. 
The customer’s idea was that the consumer places an order via a terminal or his smartphone and fetches the finished meal in the restaurant. 
For this purpose a wall of boxes was prepared, in which the restaurant staff puts the meal from the rear. The consumer then picks it up through a transparent flap on the front of the box. The chief attraction is that the door consists of a pure TFT cell which can display the consumers name, advertising or other information. Nevertheless, the meal behind it remains visible.

The customer chose the 21.5 ” LG TFT display LM215WF3-SLK1. The TFT cell of this display, however, is not robust enough to serve as a pick-up gate. So we used our VacuBond® optical bonding to add protective glasses to both sides of the TFT cell. The finished unit not only shows a brilliant image of the displayed information, but is also perfectly protected against scratches and easy to clean.

Of course we can also supply other transparent display sizes and our optical bonding for similar applications.
Please contact us, we have a perfect solution for your project, too.

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