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Efficiency Champion E-Paper

February 15, 2024

Power Consumption: E-Papers only consume significant power when changing content. During static display, they only require the minimal standby power of the power supply. In contrast, a High Bright Monitor continuously requires power, especially to actively adjust the brightness of the backligh when lighting conditions change.

Readability and Sunlight Compatibility: E-Papers offer excellent readability even in direct sunlight, as they are visually perceived like paper. Thanks to E-Ink technology, they are ideal for environments where good readability is required under different lighting conditions.

Energy Efficiency: E-paper’s minimal power consumption can save up to 98.5% energy compared to a High Bright Monitor. This is particularly beneficial for long-term operation and enables significant cost savings.

Flexibility in Power Supply: Some E-Paper models can alternatively be powered by rechargeable cells or batteries, providing additional flexibility in power supply. Since the standby power consumption of the power supply is eliminated, the E-Paper consumes no power for displaying static content.

Design and Maintenance: E-Paper monitors are characterized by a modern, super-slim design, low weight, and minimal maintenance effort. Compared to traditional posters, they offer a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to present changing information.

Fortec Integrated offers a selection of E-Paper monitors ranging in size from 28″ to 42″. Brand new to our lineup, is the EPD-028 from Innolux featuring an integrated ARM 1.8GHz quad-core A35 processor. Its bar-type format and a palette of over 60,000 colors make it an energy-efficient eye-catcher. Especially in sunlight or bright ambient light, the paper-like appearance of E-Paper monitors offers the best, glare and reflection-free readability. Designed for continuous operation, the space-saving EPD-028 is ideal as an information monitor in public areas or for advertising purposes. You can conveniently update your image content remotely at any time.

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