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Fire load-optimized, certified monitors for public spaces

July 29, 2019

Safety first
Monitors in public areas are mainly used as information and guidance systems for passers-by and visitors. Often, such monitors are installed in places that are also designated as escape and rescue routes. For fire protection special rules apply.

The new BLO-Line is certified according to fire protection class A1 and complies with the relevant fire protection regulations. In addition, we will optionally equip the new monitors with a fire extinguisher and a high IP protection class. This makes them ideal for displaying information in areas with high fire safety regulations in hospitals, universities, schools, airports and public areas of buildings. They are available as mere monitors or as a stand-alone system with integrated PC. Expensive and heavy fireproof housings are not required for the BLO monitors. This makes them cost effective and easy to assemble and handle.

Fire hazard – Not with us
The fire protection class A1 states that the monitor is not flammable and has the features “no flue gas emission – no flammable dripping / falling off”.
Based on a fire test, an expert’s report is drawn up for this certification by a fire prevention expert who has been publicly appointed and sworn in by the Chamber of Engineers as well as by certified experts for fire protection. In this fire test, the device is exposed to open fire for 30 minutes and the flue gas emission is measured.

Each monitor comes with a certificate for fire protection class A1.
The new BLO monitors will be available from Q 4/2019. Please contact us, we will advise you!

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