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Kyocera 7” On-Cell-Touch TFT Displays

December 9, 2014

This results in a compact and lightweight module in which no additional glass pane for the touch is necessary. Internal reflections are minimized and the optical features of the panel are improved. The wide symmetrical viewing angle of 85° from all directions also contributes to good readability.

Two different versions are available: the TCG070WVLR*PC*-GD*117 features a PCAP Touchscreen with I²C interface, the TCG070WVLR*PC*-GD*118 features a PCAP with USB interface. Apart from that the TFT displays are identical and provide WVGA resolution (800×480 pixels) and an integrated converter for the LED backlight. Their brightness of 500cd/m² and a wide temperature range of top -20 to + 70°C make them suitable for demanding applications.

Our Prisma TFT controller boards allow for an easy control via LVDS interface. For projects we can add a variety of cover glasses with our innovative VacuBond® optical bonding technology.

For more details, please refer to the data sheets or contact our sales department. Samples will be available in Q1/2015.

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