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New industrial TFT displays catalog

May 3, 2018

Mitsubishi displays are extremely reliable and offer the highest image quality even under difficult environmental conditions. They meet the requirements of the industry for long-lasting products by long-term availability as well as by electronically and mechanically compatible successor products. This prevents costly re-designs and re-certifications for your applications.

TFT displays with a very wide viewing angle, high brightness, wide temperature range or integrated PCAP multi-touch screen: Mitsubishi’s broad product range offers the perfect display for every application. For example, Mitsubishi has developed the AT series for use in construction machinery or in extremely harsh environments. These particularly robust TFT displays are vibration resistant up to 6.8G, operate in a temperature range of -40 to + 85°C and offer a very high brightness. As an additional protection, we gladly provide the display with an optically bonded protective glass or with touch.

The Mitsubishi catalog can be downloaded from our website. Please contact us, we will advise you.

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