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New SMARC™ 2.1 module „conga-SA7“ at Fortec Integrated

March 31, 2022

With the new processor architecture, Intel says single-thread performance has been increased by 1.7 times, multi-thread performance by 1.5 times and graphics even by double. The conga-SA7 can be operated fanless and withstands harsh environments with vibrations and temperatures from -40°C to +85°C. Those who do not require the industrial temperature range can use the commercial version from 0°C to +60°C. The module is therefore predestined for a wide range of requirements in the fields of medical technology, transportation, measurement technology and many more.

The compact conga-SA7 with dimensions of only 82 x 50 mm is currently scheduled for availability until at least 2030. Due to this long-term availability, its industrial design and the universal SMARC™ form factor, it offers high flexibility and best reliability for high-quality applications.

Despite its small size, the conga-SA7 with its MXM3 connector offers 314 pins to connect the module to the carrier board. DP++, two Gigabit LAN ports with TSN support, two USB 3.1 Gen2, six USB 2.0, SATA, up to 4 PCIe lane, 4x UART, I2C and many more connectors are available. In addition, the conga-SA7 offers two onboard CAN interfaces. Optionally, the module is available with Wifi/BT, LVDS and/or additional DP++.

For fast development success, two carrier boards with different functionalities are currently available from congatec.

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