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Perfect readability in sunlight and up to 60% lower power consumption

January 10, 2019

The COM43H4N44ULC is the latest product with this technology and offers impressive features: With its wide temperature range and high vibration resistance up to 6.8G, it is the perfect choice for everyday use in the rugged construction or agricultural machinery sector, for maritime applications or for bicycles and motorcycles. It weighs only 58g and is therefore ideal for a slim and lightweight module design in handheld devices. The LED backlight shows a typical brightness of 550 cd/m² and its lifetime is 50,000 hours to half brightness. Thanks to the improved New Blanview technology, COM43H4N44ULC is always perfectly readable in direct sunlight or very bright studio light without readjusting brightness. The power consumption is up to 60% lower than for conventional, transmissive TFT displays.

The facts:

  • Thin and a lightweight: 58g; Perfect for handheld devices
  • Blanview technology for perfect sunlight readability and up to 60% lower power consumption compared to traditional TFTs.
  • Wide temperature range (-30℃ to +85℃); Summer and winter: always ready for operation
  • High vibration resistance up to 6.8G for rugged everyday use
  •  Backlight with high brightness and long life LEDs

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